What makes EAB Moonwalks Different?

EAB Moonwalks and Waterslide DO NOT RENT BY THE HOUR! Why rent from one of our competitors that will only leave the unit for 4hrs, then charge you more money to keep it longer. We believe in great value for our customers with Flat Rate rentals. EAB Moonwalks delivers units in the morning and picks units up before dark. This way you and your family, or your guests at your event, will have more time to enjoy the entertainment. One more assurance for piece of mind is EAB Moonwalks is Fully Insured and Inspected by the State of Texas.

EAB Moonwalks is Family Owned and Operated

EAB Moonwalks is family owned and operated, offering the ultimate in personalized service. Our equipment is always the most up-to-date, and we are fully insured. Our products are all the best quality available, 100% handmade right here in the USA. We have a great selection of moonwalks, combo’s, slip n slides and waterslides!

We have been in business since 2008 and have built a large clientele based on reasonable pricing and outstanding customer service. Try us and see why so much of our business is repeat business!